Randomized VS Sequenced

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Randomized VS Sequenced

Unread postby Richard » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:56 pm

This posting has been migrated from the old forum as it may be of general interest.

When I select "random" in the plnanner screen-- EVERYTHING in the planner screen will be randomized I'm looking at a planner screen where there is an "I", followed by 10 "T" screen, another "I" and then 10 "R" screens.

The first 10 T screens go in sequence, but the 10 R screens are ramdomized-- which is what we want, but why aren't the first "T" screen randomized?

The behavior you described reflects the way the system was designed. I and T items do not get randomized as T items being where the explanations and examples are usually placed, having them randomized and showing after or between the exercises would defeat their purpose.

Same applies to I items.
So if your lesson is designed is as follow:
I - T - R - R - R - R - I - T - E - E - E - E
the first I and T remains in front, the 4 R are randomized, the second I and T come up in that order, and the 4 E get randomized.
If you have the following
I - T- R- R - R - R - E - E - E - E
Then the I and T remain, the E and R get randomized and therefore mixed.
If you only have I and Ts as in the lesson you describe, then they remain in the initial order.

Is there a way for sections in a planner to be randomized-- or not? For example I-T-TTTTT-I-TEEEE-I-TSSSSS-I-TRRRR

Can the Es or Ss be NOT randomized, but the R be randomized-- within one planner screen?

The system was designed from the beginning not to randomize the Teaching or Instructions screens. There might have been a version with a bug that was later fixed.

Item randomization is per Planner. There is no option to randomize only a section of a planner.
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