Encrypted Courseware Installation

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Encrypted Courseware Installation

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Encrypted Courseware Installation procedure-

The Encrypted Courseware Package includes:

- a lesson folder, containing various .DAT files.
- a CHECK.dat file
- a COURSES folder containing a Cxxx.xxx file (where x represents a digit)

Prior to installing the new courseware, ensure that:

- The CAN-8 service is stopped.
- The CAN-8 server directory IS NOT located on a network share or removable disk.
- The installation steps described below are followed in the given order.

On the server machine:
- Stop the CAN-8 service.
- Place the lesson folder in the SVSYS\SVI directory.
- Place the CHECK.DAT file in the SVSYS\ID directory
- Place the COURSES folder provided including the Cxxx.xxx file in the SVSYS\ID directory. (If you have been provided with a Cxxx.xxx file only, you must create the COURSES folder if it does not already exist and place a copy of the Cxxx.xxx file inside.)
- Start the CAN-8 service.

On the client machine:
- Sign in as Master
- Create a new entry in the menu, and enter the path to the new lesson folder in the appropriate field.
- Enter the lesson to make sure that the installation works properly.
(Depending on your licensing scheme, you may be required to enter a authorization code. )

- If the lesson presents illegible characters,

- Upgrade to the latest version of CAN-8 from the Members section of the CAN-8 website.
- If the encrypted courseware was previously accessible but now is not:

- Check that your license for the courseware has not expired.
- That the CHECK.DAT file has not been tampered with, replaced or restored to a previous or its original state. If you must restore your CAN-8 server from a backup, DO NOT replace the CHECK.DAT. If the CHECK.DAT has been replaced by error, contact your CAN-8 representative.
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