Disable Automatic Audio Detection

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Disable Automatic Audio Detection

Unread postby carole » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:03 pm

To prevent empty recordings due to faulty audio/recording devices or flaky headsets, versions of CAN-8 post dating December 16, 2013 installed on a Microsoft OS released after XP will report at login if no audio device (headphone or speaker) or recording device (microphone) is detected on the machine and prevent users from signing in CAN-8.

In most cases, simply attaching a microphone/speaker set or a headset to the jack or USB port or changing the faulty device is the solution.

To disable the Audio Device Detection and login CAN-8 without any audio device attached, you need to disable the Microsoft Automatic Audio Device detection from the workstation's registry following the steps below:

1) Open the Registry Editor
2) Do a search for the Key
EnableDynamicDevices and set its value to "0"
3) Search the registry for that key one more time to make sure there is no other instance of that key. If there, is, change its value to 0 as well.
4) Reboot your workstation and login CAN-8.
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